Cleansing of eyelash extensions


Impurities of skin such as oil, dirt and make-up residue can easily build-up in the lash base. Such build-up easily shortens retention time and in worst case may cause infections of the eye. Daily cleansing of eyelash extensions and face is essential and will help the extensions remain beautiful longer while keeping eyelashes healthy. In addition, keeping the lashes clean will make touch-ups easier & faster and assist in creating strong glue bonds. Brushing your lashes regularly is the only other thing you need to do to take care of your lashes.


LashLovers Oy has developed gentle facial cleansing products that are especially designed for people who wear eyelash extensions. The cleansing products are fragrance-free, made in Finland and are used by tens of thousands of satisfied customers! 

Beauty Wash cleansing products are available as foam and gel. Beauty Wash cleans oil, dirt and make-up residue from the lash base effectively. It can also be used to clean the whole face. Beauty Wash is ideal for normal/combination skin. Lash stylist/salon owner, order Beauty Wash to your salon here.


A small amount of gel/foam is enough to cleanse both lashes and the entire facial area.

Wet your hands and face with water. If you are using Beauty Wash Gel, leave a small amount of water on your palms and apply a small amount of gel to your hands. Lather the water and gel by massaging your hands together quickly. When using the Beauty Wash Foam the pump creates a lovely, soft foam when you dose the product onto your hand. Clean your lashes and face with the foam, using gentle circular movements. Rinse with plenty of water. Repeat, if needed. Dry your face and lashes by pressing a towel against them softly. Brush your lashes, if needed.

The LashLovers gentle cleansing brush is the perfect match for Beauty Wash cleansing foam. See how to use the effective duo together on YouTube
Lash stylist/salon owner, Beauty Wash and other high-quality LashLovers retail products are available here.


• Clean your lashes using Beauty Wash cleansing products and water on a daily basis. 
• Dry your lashes by pressing a towel softly against them. Do not rub.
• Brush your lashes when needed. 
• Clean your lashes well a couple of hours prior to your lash appointment. Avoid getting your lashes wet right before the appointment.

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